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An HONORARY DIPLOMA from the "The Committee of Public Safety"

In order to make a special mention of the substantial contribution made by the director of the Co Ltd “ImpexTrans”, namely Vozmilov Denis Viktorovich, it was decided by the “The Committee of Public Transport” to award him with this HONORARY DIPLOMA.

The quality of transportations performance, timely implementation of trips and development of the transport sector of Cherkassy region depends exactly on your professionalism and skill.  Your hard work, which requires high physical and emotional dedication, professionalism and talent, deserves a profound respect.

Cargo insurance “ImpexTrans”

After a long period of interaction with our partners, the group of companies “ImpexTrans” has decided to introduce an additional cargo insurance in the amount of 1 000 000 UAH per year, for all the agents having a relationship with us.

It allows to give a limit of the forwarder’s liability for each consignment of 300 000 UAH.

This enables all the participants consolidating their relationships with the “ImpexTrans” Сompany to feel more confident and protected in any situation.

With best regards

The team of “ImpexTrans”.

Associative member of AIFFU

We as a team that is aimed at continuous development and professional development have joined the Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine.

This Association will allow us to be in the thick of things and innovations in the transport market of Ukraine and the world in general!

The Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine (AIFFU) was established by the initiative of more than 100 freight forwarding Ukrainian enterprises of all kinds of ownership on 27 September 1994. It is a professional voluntary non-profitable union of international freight forwarders of Ukraine.

AIFFU is a national association of FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarding Associations). The purpose of the Association is the coordination of Ukrainian freight forwarders’ efforts in order to solve the problems of their professional activities that are of common interest.

"ImpExTrans" & The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This event will allow all of us to get the maximal amount of information about the changes and innovations in the world of business in the industrial areas of our country and neighboring ones. Nowadays all the important and regular conferences, events held by the Chamber, are visited by our representative.

All the information received will be processed and reported to our employees and partners.

Our employees took part in 14th All-Ukrainian conference "Evolution in logistics"

More than 150 Directors in the field of logistics, trading and manufacturing companies, logistic operators, providers of solutions and services for logistics on November 27 met at the 14th All-Ukrainian conference “Evolution in logistics: vectors of improving the supply chain in the new year”.

Traditionally, the event is aimed at reducing logistics costs and increasing the efficiency of the company — accuracy, speed and quality.

We are glad that Our employees were invited and were able to attend this important event!

An HONORARY DIPLOMA presented by the Department of Infrastructure and Tourism of Lugansk Regional State Administration.

The decision on presenting this HONORARY DIPLOMA was made by the Department of Infrastructure and Tourism of Lugansk Regional State Administration on the occasion of “The day of motorist and roadworker” in order to note the significant contribution of Vozmilov Denis Viktorovich the Director of Co Ltd “Impextrans Group” who is also occupying the position of the deputy chief of the local self-government of the All-Ukrainian public organization “Public Committee for the Transport Security in the Lugansk region”.

(ru) Сертификат: «Интернет – маркетинг для юристов»

(ru) С целью профессионального юридического сопровождения бизнеса, Группа компаний “ImpexTrans” принимает участие в различных мероприятиях по повышению квалификации. Со временем и с ростом масштаба поставленных задач компания постоянно развивается, расширяя свой спектр юридических услуг.

Наши специалисты имеют квалификационные сертификаты, что гарантирует высокое качество оказываемых услуг.

(ru) Сертификат на обучение

(ru) Группа компаний “ImpexTrans” имеет сертификат, который соответствует квалификационным требованиям по проведению информационно-тематических семинаров повышения квалификации специалистов автотранспортных предприятий Украины на основании ст.34 Закона Украины «ОБ АВТОМОБИЛЬНОМ ТРАНСПОРТЕ».

Приобретенные знания, умения и навыки, ведения переговоров, проведения расчетов и знания законодательства необходимые для выполнения работ, дают нам возможность делиться своим опытом и профессионализмом с коллегами и специалистами автотранспортных предприятий!

(ru) Страховка груза “ImpexTrans”

(ru) На протяжении своей деятельности группа компаний “ImpexTrans” сотрудничает только с надежными страховыми компаниями, что гарантирует соблюдение финансовых интересов наших клиентов.

“ImpexTrans” обращает особое внимание на безопасность перевозок, и с целью сокращения рисков мы предлагаем Вам дополнительно застраховать свой груз на сумму в 1 000 000 гривен в год, для всех агентов, которые сотрудничают с нами.

Что позволяет дать лимит ответственности экспедитора по каждому грузу на 300 000 гривен.

“ImpexTrans” всегда защищает интересы своих клиентов, страхование грузов — это одно из важных условий максимального снижения рисков.

Мы гарантируем, что страхование груза с нами будет не просто формальностью, а эффективной защитой всех рисков.

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