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Rail transportation

The group of companies ” ImpеxTrans ” is one of the leading transport organizations which is globally engaged in cargo transportation by different modes of transport. The preparation and implementation of freight transportations by the network of railway lines is aeparate direction of our professional activities. In addition, our company guarantees strict adherence to the delivery time, and safety of goods entrusted to us. Rail transport allows to deliver all kinds of goods. Including those freights which belong to the category of oversized and large-size cargoes.


The advantages of this type of transportation include many types of tanks used for transporting different types of cargoes. Specialized containers, wagons, tanks, platforms were specially designed for the transportation of different categories of freights. Surface transportations of container or tank type, are a universal method of different cargoes delivery: bulked, low keeping life, harmful and oversized.


There are several types of  freigh transportations by railt transport. And each type is characterized by vehicles which are necessary for the entrusted cargo. In order to implement transportations by the network of railway lines there can be used:


Standard wagons

Open platforms


Rail tank cars

Mail vans included in passenger trains

Refrigerated railcars

Timber-carrying wagons

There are also wagons that have a more clear functional purpose. An example of this can be f;our-carring wagons and platforms for the transportation of cars.

Railway transportations is one of the most popular areas in the transport and logistic field. This is dtipulated by the fact that transportations  by rail transport has a number of advantages

Among these advantages are the following: 4

Low cost of delivery;

An extensive network of railways;

Versatility (by means of rail transport

all kinds of freights can be transpported

including dangerous and heavy-weight cargoes);

All-weather (the delivery of goods is carried

out regardless of weather conditions).

Thus, freight transportations by rail allow to save tangible assets and to reduce transportation costs. For these very reasons, many organizations prefer to deliver freight by railway transport.

Despite the seeming simplicity of freight transportation in wagons, the delivery of goods by means of railway transport is a labor intensive logistic process. The organization of the railway delivery should be entrusted to the professionals. The group of companies “ImpexTrans” is a team of professionals able to solve all your problems. We can deliver any goods – automobiles, machinery, engineering designs, oversized and heavy objects, dangerous freights to the destination at any time of the year and at a low cost.

We control the whole process of transportation of Your freight starting from route development to unloading work and delivery “to the door”.

We invite you to cooperate with the “ImpexTrans” in the field rail freight transportations!

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