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The group of Companies “ImpExTrans” is one of those companies that offers not only a full range of services connected with transportation and full customs clearance of freights, but also with the reduction of risks directly related to the effective implementation of the business processes of Your company. Having contacted us in order to get outsourcing services, You get a team of professionals, namely: experts in the field of finance and law, logistic services, and also specialists in the sphere of foreign economic activity and customs clearance. Our company will assume all risks and liabilities connected with the implementation of import and export transactions between You, Your suppliers and partners. In fact, it is Your department of experts that possesses all the necessary knowledge and experience.

Exercising outsourcing, we can provide the following services:


With the help of our company You can forget about unnecessary problems and concentrate on your dominant direction of activities. We are interested in Your success and the increase of profits in Your company. Experienced professionals working in the “ImpExTrans”, are able to solve successfully the most complex tasks at a high professional level.

“ImpExTrans” a reliable service for Your business!


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