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History of the company


Our team


Chief Executive Officer

Vozmilov Denis

With an effort you can achieve everything and achieve any goals you set!  People always shift the blame to the circumstances. I do not believe in the force of circumstances. In this world, only those who seek for the conditions they need are successful and if they do not find it – they create those conditions by themselves! Success is not a goal, it is an experience that is acquired when goals are achieved. Do not wait for a miracle, but do a miracle yourself! Every day, I develop, expand the scope of the company and achieve my goals! My team and I are professionals in our field.

The only way to do an outstanding job is to genuinely love what you are doing! (Steve Jobs).

Hobby: motor sports.

Assistant of the CEO

Oleynikova Victoria

Every activity is creativity! I determined for myself that, in any case, the key is the process of creating something new. This is where I focus, when I work with the theme of creativity. It does not matter what sphere do you work in and what do you create for. The main thing is that you create! And the ability to create something new is the key one at the present time. The possibility of development is the most ingenious invention of nature. Possible is intellectually, impossible – ingenious!

A serious desire for any goal is half the success in achieving it!

Hobbies: sports, traveling

Deputy Director

Ovcharenko Stanislav

Meeting my commitments at the highest level is my life’s position.  You must work hard in order to achieve success, and only then you can reach the top. Man always must set goals in life and strive to achieve them. Everyone has the potential for genius, it is only necessary to uncover it. Think about success, imagine success, and you will bring into action the force that carries out the desires!

Hobbies: hunting, cars, music


  Chief Accountant                                                                                      Head of the legal department

Bondarenko Elena

My motto is better confidence in a good result than a hope for a brilliant result. For me, accounting is a limitless creativity, because to direct the financial activity of the company in the right direction today is indispensable without extraordinary thinking and creative approach. In addition, I, like any qualified accountant, have a thirst for constant self-development.

My vent is a family.

Yaremenko Alexander

A distinctive feature of human rights defenders from other spheres is an in-depth knowledge of transport legislation. This allows us to provide the client with the necessary information in a timely and prompt manner or resolve the differences that have arisen with the partner. In case of a controversial situation, I will always find a competent and right decision!

Hobbies: Literature, cynology, sport.

Principle: Do unto others, as you want them to do to you.


 Accountant                                                                                                        Secretary

Lelyukh Yulia

Diligence, attentiveness, sociability, sincerity with the surrounding people are the main feature of my character! I’m always focused on the result. I love my work, I strive for development and professional growth. I take responsibility for my duties responsibly, that’s why I completely concentrate on what I’m doing.

Hobby – I like traveling, dancing, fitness, reading detective stories, moviegoer, going to the theater.

Ocheretnaya Natalya

Independent character, stubbornness and adherence to principles, help me always to achieve my goals. I like to develop and achieve high results in different directions.

Hobbies: Hand-made, Cooking, Choreography, horse riding


Head of department

Varenica Natalia

Being soft with people is not my job. My job is to make them better. My job is to take from different parts of the company, clear paths and collect resources for key projects. Take these magnificent people that we have, and push them, and do them even better, offer them a more bold vision of what the future should be like. Good artists create, great artists steal, but real artists – fulfill the order on time.

I love outdoor recreation, traveling.



Sidorenko Konstantin

As it seems to me, if you do not look forward, you can easily be left behind. That’s why clients and colleagues will never be disappointed working with me. Punctuality, clear and coordinated work, mutual understanding is my motto and I can even say a hobby.

My hobbies are cooking and cars.

Gvozdik Alena Mikhailovna

MY MOTTO – If you find it difficult, then you rise up. If it is easy for you, then you are flying into the abyss! That is why I am not looking for easy ways in my work. The greatest pleasure for me is to get out of difficult and not simple situations. While working with clients, my priority is to hear and understand the client as a person. The main trait of character is purposefulness. I think that if you set a goal for yourself, you need to achieve it immediately. I love my family and spontaneous traveling.

Borisenko Marina

Someone from the wise said that problems should not push us in the back, but dreams should lead us forward.  It was this expression that became my life’s slogan. Work in the company «ImpEx Trans» assumes constant overcoming of various difficulties and constant self-development. This is what I like most – overcoming the difficulties with a smile, to get out of the situation and not to fall into the mud with a face, to be an expert in my field.

Ambitious, purposeful and balanced. I give free time to self-development and family. I like to read and actively rest.

Shevchenko Alexandra Vasilievna

In order to achieve success, you must do the job properly first. I always have my own opinion on the solution of any situation, and I think that together with the team of professionals of the “ImpEx Trans” there are no unsolvable situations. Working in the company, I acquired not only good colleagues, but also true friends, with whom it is always pleasant to spend time. My hobbies: crafts, sport.

Pashkova Ekaterina Vladimirovna

“Never give up! Never – never – never – in anything: neither in the great, nor in the insignificant, nor in the big, nor in the little, unless the honor and common sense tells you to do otherwise! ” – These are words of Sir Winston Churchill and my motto. I choose the best, so I’m at ImpEx Trans. I do my work quickly, clearly and confidently. The ability to negotiate is the absence of hopeless situations and only pleasant surprises for clients. I love my family, friends and teamwork with very decent people!!! Hobbies: movies, literature, sports

Gorbyk Yana

Time is the most precious thing in the world. That is why time is life. Therefore, I help every client in saving their personal time by providing quality and qualified services. As I believe, this is especially valuable today and, moreover, brings a sense of moral satisfaction from the work that is done.

Home and family – this is my fortress and the main hobby.


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