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About us


The history of the company

The Company “ImpEx Trans”, was formed in 2012 as a company that helps people easily, clearly and with minimal costs, to build their business by means of providing the most effective road maps and methods of freights delivery to partners and to the consumer, and in 2014 our Company could have reached permanent and stable results in the markets of Ukraine, CIS and Europe!

The “ImpEx Trans” Company started its activity in Lugansk, Ukraine, where there was a small office, and now our Company operates throughout the country, with the headquarters in the city of Cherkassy and its representative office in the city of Voronezh, Russia.

The company “ImpEx Trans” started to work with the only one kind of transport services, and now “ImpEx Trans” is the leader in providing transportation and logistic services to the  manufacturing companies, consumers, large raw material holding companies, etc. helping them to execute communications of almost any complexity: the transportation of freights, vast experience and desire, a team of specialists (managers, lawyers, brokers, economist, division of safety and many consultants) are doing their best to accomplish the assigned task during the shortest period of time.


The company serves in order to provide restrictions on the activities, rules, regulations on the Transportation of freight and Marketing procedures and also to prevent illegal actions, abuses, and violations of the law. And from time to time these rules are reviewed as the need arises. “IET” aspires to provide Customers with all the needed services in a more full and efficient way, using progressive methods and solutions in the field of transport logistics and an integral part of this approach is the support and solidarity of the Company’s staff, the presence of a single Marketing Plan that reasonably governs activities of Managers and regulates their incomes fairly. All the employees of the “IET” Group are required to familiarize themselves with the Company’s Policy. While signing the form of Partnership agreement or making of Contract-application for the transportation of cargo, strictly follows the “IET” Company’s Policy.

Friends of the Company

9A large number of entrepreneurs who are Members of the “IET” Group often help in improving programs of “IET’s” work and development,  and not a few of them are regular Partners of the company in order to achieve highly effective results for themselves and their Business.

Life in motion, move along with the “ImpEx Trans”!

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