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Welcome to the group of companies “ImpеxTrans”. We are an independent forwarding company and logistic company. Our aim is to build strong, long-term partnerships with customers, providing all the needed consultations, recommendations and solutions in the field! Our consignors deserve the highest level of service and reliability based on our attention to the details and knowledge of the unique needs and circumstances of our client. Our company has achieved constant and stable results in the market of Ukraine and Russia. We work with more than 180 companies in Ukraine and more than 50 enterprises abroad.


Company Personal Manager will prepare a special offer of Your product delivery, in the most effective way. For all the time of our work, employees of the company established clear scheme of delivery and tracking of the transported goods. Every detail of our scheme operates smoothly and without interruption. The staff of the company consists of highly skilled professionals who regularly attend seminars and training courses in AIFFU (The Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine). In addition to extensive operational experience, they profitably differ in responsibility and understanding because the reputation and welfare of our clients depends on the quality of their work.

photoOur experts – lawyers, accountants and specialists in the field of foreign economic activity can provide not only a single consultation but also develop for You a comprehensive solution to any difficult situations.


It is also worth noting that “ImpеxTrans” has an insurance policy for 1 million UAH., that gives an additional guarantee while escorting the freight from the warehouse to the warehouse  ensuring safety and integrity of the goods. Due to constant improvement, successively develop new innovative solutions in order to meet the ever changing needs and demands of business.

Our services are successfully used not only in Ukrainian market. We also have office in Russia, which allows us to be one of the leading logistic companies, providing transportation services connected with import and export on the territory of CIS countries and the EU. We will help You to choose the most optimal solution to the transportation of goods that will satisfy all Your demands.

Our range of services includes:

326344798576057d09c22f1-91745188Organizing international cargo transportations in various directions. Delivery of all kinds of freights with a view to the time constraints stipulated in the contract and at the best competitive prices.




Providing a full range of services connected with the distribution of freights by railway transport.  For the timely and cost-effective delivery of freight by land, the network of railway lines provides an efficient transport solution.




Rendering of professional Brokerage services. Customs clearance of imports and exports provides a reliable process of doing business, ahead of possible risks. Qualified help aimed at the elucidation of complex rules of international trade, this is what helps our customers later on to hold competent negotiations and avoid unexpected costs.



We are on the way for You throughout Europe and CIS countries!!!

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