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Road transport

One of the main services of our company are international transportations by means of vehicles. Automobile transportation is one of the most convenient and most economical types of delivery of international cargoes. The group of companies ” ImpеxTrans ” provides a full complex of transport services. One of competitive advantages of our company is the expansion of logistic services not only in Ukraine but also in Russia, thereby opening comprehensive facilities of transportation of Your cargo to another country or from another country to the CIS countries and the EU. Our success has become possible due to the long-term work on the quality system improvement and its implementation into all processes. The organizational structure of ” ImpеxTrans ” allows to provide a flexible and rapid response to our Customers’ needs.


Motor transportions by means of road freight transport is the best option, taking nto consideration the ratio of speed/cost.

  • Cargo transportations by motor transport is one of the most universal options of freight delivery.
  • Trucking give you an opportunity to plan the the route flexibly: it is always possible to change the itinerary and, what is important, to do it quickly.
  • Delivery “from door to door”.
  • There is no need to implement additional intermediate transshipments.

The types of transportable goods:


Refrigerated — goods that require observance of certain temperature conditions.

Assorted ladings – are formed of separate small batches of several customers.

Packaged cargoes — theses types of cargoes, as a rule, occupy all the cargo space and are intended to one customer.

Dangerous cargo (ADR) – that constitute menace of a certain degree to the environment.


Bulked cargoes – are liquids.

Oversized cargoes – cargoes, the sizes of which, can exceed dimensions of the vehicle.

Heavy-weight cargoes – the weight of which is above the established norms (over 21 tons).


Multimodal transportations is a particular subspecies of transportation and forwarding of goods, performing which different kinds of transport are used in complex and successive. Organizing the plan and scheme for multimodal transport, our experts focus their attention on the most optimal solutions – finding the most profitable routes while accompanying the freight with the single document.


Order international transportation services in “ImpexTrans”, and You will make sure that this is the most lucrative offer in the market of transport services.

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