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Business in the modern world constantly requires global integration. At a certain stage of development each company faces the question whether it should enter the international market or the company’s activities should be restricted by the limits of its own state.  If you are interested in developing your business in Ukraine, Your Company will get new opportunities from cooperation with this country. And the Group of Companies “ImpExTrans” will help you to cope with this problem, leaving no issue without a full and deep answer.

International financial and legal, business consulting is one of the main directions of our activity.

International consulting from “ImpExTrans” is a guarantee of a smooth exit to the Ukrainian market.

With the help of our experts, Your company will receive assistance in finding suitable partners for implementing their needs on the territory of Ukraine; study the industry leaders, and find the contacts that are of interest for You; conduct an independent monitoring of the market segment that is of interest for You; help in support of transactions with existing counterparties (analysis of contracts, verification of the reliability of the contracting party, consultations connected with the minimization of the costs associated with the import/exports); study the market of Ukraine in accordance with the Customer’s need for import/export with the provision of the expanded report. We will consult on legal matters and customs procedures; efficiently process all the additional issues that may be of interest for you; eliminate all the potential risks and provide necessary recommendations for their minimization.

If you are focused on the development of your business in Ukraine – don’t fall back. Having rationally assessed your possibilities, do all the preparatory work, and additional revenue will not take long to appear.

Working with the «ImpExTrans» you gain a reliable and professional partner. Our Company is a team of experts who are competent, knowledgeable and possess all the necessary knowledge that is able to implement all the assigned tasks.


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