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Theme of the SEMINAR: “The head who is responsible for labor protection”

The safety engineer must know the legislation in the field of labor protection and traffic safety, fire safety rules. Its function is to ensure the safety of traffic in the enterprise and accident-free operation of vehicles, inspection, supervision of the technical condition of transport.

Courses on labor protection in ImpExTrans

Knowing and implementing the requirements of labor legislation is extremely important for any enterprise. This will help not only to organize the correct and effective working conditions in the enterprise, but also to minimize risks for the employer, who can be held accountable for violation of security requirements. Therefore, in order to avoid these violations, it is better to take a course of lectures on labor protection for managers and specialists.

The requirements of labor legislation are very extensive. They include sanitary and hygienic standards for lighting, ventilation, the number of jobs, safety equipment, mandatory medical examinations of employees and much more. The responsibility of the security service also includes reviewing employee complaints and providing management with plans and programs to improve working conditions.

In accordance with the Ukrainian legislation in an enterprise with less than 50 employees, it is not possible to create a separate labor protection service, but to appoint a part-time employee as a labor safety engineer who has been trained accordingly. Such training will help to receive the courses “Safety Engineer” in Kiev.

Seminar theme: Manager responsible for occupational safety and health

The duties of a labor safety engineer include comprehensive monitoring of compliance with labor legislation at the enterprise. He analyzes the working conditions in the workplace, offers improvements, especially where there are hazardous and harmful production factors. This specialist examines the condition of machines and mechanisms, ventilation systems, sanitary conditions, etc. All this requires special knowledge and skills.

At the end of the seminar:

– evidence of professional competence;

– Toolkit.

Thanks to the seminars in ImpExTrans, you will be able to pass not only the introduction to the course of labor protection, but also significantly improve your knowledge in the field of labor legislation, ensuring the right working conditions for employees of various enterprises. This will ultimately help to eliminate various violations at the enterprises, improve the conditions for workers and improve the efficiency of their work.

If you are interested in the courses on labor protection and fire safety in Kiev, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Odessa, call us – we will advise you and write to the seminar.

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